Points of Interest

Lithos Hotel is located in the historic site of Pythagorion on the southeast part of Samos island. Pythagorion is the archaeological site of the ancient town of Samos that was home to the Eupalinian aqueduct; a tunnel of 1,036m (3,399ft) built in the 6th century BC, which is considered a marvel of ancient engineering.

About 8 km west of Pythagorion you can also visit Ireon of Samos, a very important archaeological site, with sanctuaries dedicated to the ancient goddess Hera. Along with the site of Ireon, Pythagorion was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

The existence of remarkable museums, the organization of many exhibitions (Painting, Photography etc.), mainly in summer, as well as international conferences, international radiation lectures (Philosophy, Sciences, Arts, New Technologies, Archeology etc.) and the organization of Festivals (Theater, Music etc.) are a magnet for thousands of visitors throughout the year.

It is worth noting that near Pythagorion are the most remarkable sights of the island, such as the the monastery of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Spiliani, the castle of Lykourgos Logothetis, the Archaeological museum, the Natural History Museum of the Aegean and the Folklore Museum of the Nikolaos Dimitriou Foundation of Samos.

Asterias Seaside Experience

The “must” place to experience a great time and unforgettable summer memories by the sea of Pythagorion. Swim in the crystal clear waters, get a suntan, enjoy delicious snacks and refreshing drinks while listening to great music.