Discover Samos

Welcome to Samos! This beautiful Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea is the birthplace of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, after whom the Pythagorean Theorem is named. This is also where the philosopher Epicurus was born, as well as Aristarchus-the first known person to propose that the Earth revolves around the sun.

In ancient times, Samos was a rich and powerful city-state, known for its wine production and red pottery. The most famous building was the Heraion, a large sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Hera.

Discover the complex of green landscapes with the stunning beaches and turquoise waters as well as the sensational monuments. Taste and enjoy the islands’ delicacies and the famous local Muscat wine produced in Samos since the ancient times.

If you love to walk, this is the ideal place, as there are many paths that lead to very beautiful places. Samos is an island that offers a wide variety of outdoor activities as with its dense forests filled by indigenous plants and herbs and with its special fauna, is one of the most suitable islands for hiking in special organized paths.

As Samos is a place of unique beauty, peace and serenity, it’s no surprise it attracts many tourists every year. The island is connected with frequent air services with Athens, the largest Greek cities and – during the tourist season – with all Europe. There is also daily connection with the port of Piraeus and other islands, as well as with Kusadasi of Turkey.

Weather of the island

In Samos the climate is mild, healthy and pleasant. There is a cool air in summer and warm atmosphere in winter. The sunshine period in Samos is one of the largest in Greece since for more than six months, during the summer period, it is rare to see clouds in the sky.